Benefits ToolkitCMA provides:

  • Consistency and quality marketing presentations branded for Demo Realty.
  • You will have a competitive advantage with exceptionally great looking presentations.
  • Flexible and convenient. Work from any Internet-connected PC - at home, in the office, or anywhere.
  • Automatically merges comparable property and picture content downloaded from your MLS into CMA documents.
  • Convenient option to email a link for presentations and property flyers.
  • You spend less time putting together presentations and more time getting prospects, closing sales, and making money!


Introducing New Interactive Tablet Presentation

The tablet listing presentation provides an interactive way to share information with your clients, including comparable property data, pictures, and mapping. The tablet presentation makes a great compliment to your printed presentation.

Click here to view the latest tablet presentation


View Sample Presentations

The Listing Presentation provides content branded exclusively for Demo Realty plus a consistent, coordinated appearance with the CMA and agent information. Click on a link below to view the sample:


Impress buyer prospects with a Buyer Presentation branded for Demo Realty. Display professionalism throughout the buying process with the branded Buyer Tour. Click on a link below to view the sample:


Property Flyers are a constant requirement for active productive agents. ToolkitCMA provides a variety of flyer formats that are quick and easy to create. Click on the link below to view sample flyers:


Run a Demo of ToolkitCMA

If you would like to run the program to experience the intuitive screens and overall ease of use CLICK HERE to automatically login to the ToolkitCMA demo account for Demo Realty.

After reviewing the sample presentations and demo we hope you are convinced that ToolkitCMA would be a tremendous tool for you. ToolkitCMA will permit you to stand out from the competition. Your prospects will be impressed when they see the attractive, professional presentation that was created for them.

Request a “Walk-Thru”

We would like to “walk-thru” creating a ToolkitCMA presentation with you, one-on-one. One of our support representatives will call you and guide you through the entire process of preparing a listing presentation. The walk-thru takes only a few minutes and can be scheduled for anytime, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time. You will find the experience to be a worthwhile investment in your personal productivity and success.